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Investment Team

Investment Research and Data Analytics

Financial Engineering

Our team of financial engineer solve complex problems between engineering and finance. We look for passionate team members excited to build data models and algorithmic systems. Our team focus on discovering new things, keep challenging the status quo, and working in teams.

Investment Implementation

Out team focus on generating portfolios, choosing which instruments to hold, and executing the proper trades. Our team make sure to leverage our in-depth research and understanding to turn these into ideal portfolios for our clients.

Client Relationship

Our team build relationship with our clients to understand the full range of investment issues they face, build out strategies that fit into their portfolio, and guide on the allocation decisions at the portfolio level. Our team are great communicators that translate our understanding of the global markets and economies into simple and meaningful conversations and partnerships with our clients.

Technology Team

Software Engineering

Our team of engineers drive the architecture, building, and refining the platforms and tools to understand the world's economic markets. The tools developed by our engineers manage different set of market challenges from research to portfolio generation to trade execution, considering our clients and goals.

Product Management

Our team understand the needs of our internal and external users, work with architects to design solutions, and partner with the development team to deliver these solutions. They bridge the business and technical gap between our investment and technical team to achieve what matters the most to our clients.

Business Continuity

Our team ensure our production systems follow these principles of privacy, security, confidentiality, processing integrity, and 24/7 availability.


Our team design, deliver, and manage the integral aspects of our technical foundation that allow us to operate. This includes our databases, data centres, operating systems, audio visuals, and app groups to deliver value in the production environment.

Exception Services

Our team owns exceptions from inception to resolution to find the root cause. They also are involved in the implementation and managing new products across the business which includes decommissioning, integration, and maintenance of our systems.

Our Research and Analytics teams build the foundation of our understanding of how global markets and economies work.  The team includes our associates which is a vital part of RTI long-term sustainability, and comprises the group from which we identify and groom top talent.

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